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We stand with Ukraine


Our world changed forever on the 24th of February 2022, when Russia started a full-scale invasion into the territory of Ukraine. We woke up in a reality where a peaceful European country and its people could be subjected to indiscriminate bombings and inexplicable atrocities.

Since February, we have been witnessing something bigger than a war that one country is waging on another's soil. It is a struggle between democracy and autocracy, between the free world and straight-up barbarism, between the European values and bloody dictatorship.

This reality requires everyone to take a clear position and be vocal about it.

We at TNW have strived to show our support for Ukraine and its people from the first days of the invasion, and will stay true to this as long as it takes for the country to finish this war and fully rebuild its infrastructure.

The war has been going on for many months now, but we must not forget about it. We encourage everyone to stand with Ukraine — by talking about the war, supporting refugees coming from the country, and making donations if you're in a position to do so.

Listed below are some of the most trusted Ukrainian foundations raising money to support the country in these unimaginably tough times:

We stand with Ukraine — hope you do too.